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Regardless of your outdoor activity, you'll be able to share your location securely with the people that are the most concerned, offering them a little peace of mind that your still safe. We've taken every security precaution to encrypt the connection between you and your loved ones.

The severe weather warning and GPS device is presently for Android subscribers. Windows Mobile®, Blackberry® and iPhone® versions will be selectively released May 2011. This mobile weather station is ideal for a daring storm chaser or the causal user just looking for local and extended weather conditions.

Mobile Maritime Safety & Situational Awareness
Welcome to fishdog : Recreational Boating Safety

Our Severe Mobile Weather Forecast and first responder recreational boating safety device ties to National Marine Weather for the most accurate forecast. FishDog™ & BoatBeacon™. is nearing completion. We'll have 2 variations of our mobile weather station. This was specifically designed for Recreational Boating Safety and die-hard fisherman. Did you know over 96% of all SAR (Search Air Rescue) missions were placed to the US Coast Guard via mobile phone?

Mobile Weather StationThe mobile weather station is crammed with every conceivable amenity any business traveler, fisherman, hiker, biker and outdoor enthusiasts will enjoy and use everyday.

Best of all, it won't compromise battery life the way the most popular trip planner does!
In fact, FishDog™ has been left running for 6 days and all Android devices still had over 57%.

Recreational Boating Safety
Additionally, we included the BoatBeacon™ so the US Coast Guard will be able to locate you and your party quickly in case of an emergency boating situation.

Recreational Boating Safety